We have assembled a speaker’s bureau of graduate students and area scholars who can visit local schools to speak to students or teachers about politics, history, religion, and culture in South Asia. Below is a list of topics speakers have suggested.

History, Politics, and Religion

  • Muslims and Islam in South Asia
  • Hinduism in South Asia
  • History of India: Mughal, colonial, post-colonial, nationalism
  • Modern Indian history overview of issues like the independence movement, caste, religion, politics, and economic development
  • Women's issues
  • Medicine/health and empire; science/technology and empire
  • Technology, poverty, and rural development in India
  • Public health problems and solutions
  • History of Pakistan
  • History of Sri Lanka
  • History of Kashmir

Peace and Conflict

  •  India-Pakistan relations
  • Conflict in Kashmir
  • Ethnic conflict and the peace process in Sri Lanka
  • Action plan for helping war-affected children and particularly child soldiers in Sri Lanka
  • South Asia and the law: communal violence; Gujarat pogroms; Partition, Independence
  • Gender/religion issues

Art and Culture

  • Hindi-Urdu films and popular film culture
  • Indian music (history, theory, performance, appreciation)
  • Ragamala painting
  • Literature (esp. modern novels, bhakti literature, Ramayana)
  • Literature of India (nationalism, Bengali, and Indian writers in English)
  • Village life in India
  • Temple architecture of South India
  • Textiles in South Asia
  • Photography in South Asia 

Please contact us at isasasst@berkeley.edu / 510-642-3608 if you are interested in bringing a speaker to your classroom.