AUDIO CDs for Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Hindi Textbooks Now Available

Book cover Introduction to Hindi Grammar

Introduction to Hindi Grammar
Usha Jain
ISBN 0-944613-25-X
342 pages, 1995
$55 + Shipping and handling

Book cover - Intermediate Hindi Reader

Intermediate Hindi Reader
Usha Jain with Karine Schomer
ISBN 0-87725-351-X
348 pages, 1999
$55 + Shipping and handling

Book cover - Advanced Hindi Grammar

Advanced Hindi Grammar
Usha Jain
ISBN 0-944613-42-X
307 pages, 2007
$55 + Shipping and handling

Book cover - Tamil for Beginners

Tamil for Beginners
Kausalya Hart
ISBN 0-87725-352-8
362 pages
$40 + Shipping and handling

Book cover Devavanipravesika

An Introduction to the Sanskrit Language
Goldman, R. P. and S. J. Sutherland Goldman
ISBN 0944613-40-5
539 pages, 1999
$55 + Shipping and handling

Please click HERE to access the audio files that go with this book.

The errata list in this edition can be found HERE.

Book cover - Hindi Modernism

Hindi Modernism
Rethinking Agyeya and his Times

Vasudha Dalmia

$35 + Shipping and handling


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