The recipient of the UC Berkeley South Asia Artist Prize for 2022


Sialkot to Jammu. 376 cm x 167 cm. Graphite and wash on paper. 2018

Jabel Ali to Gwadar. 35 cm X 152 cm. Graphite and wash on paper. 2019

Karachi to Jodhpur, 35 cm X 152 cm, graphite and wash on. Paper. 2018

Industan. 125 cm x 177 cm. Graphite and suminagashi marbling on paper. 2021

1965 Victory Day. 55 cm x 93 cm. Graphite on paper. 2020

Chachnama: conquest route, Shiraz to Sind

Kartarpur footbridge, 35 cm x 152 cm. Graphite and wash on watercolour board. 2018

Alexander and Mohammed bin Qasim in Multan. 175 cm x 83 cm. Suminagashi and graphite on paper. 2022


Baku to Multan. 600 cm x 50 cm. Water soluble graphite on dur-alar. 2022

Repatriation of Tipu's Tiger. 122 x 152 cm. Graphite, water soluble graphite, Suminagashi ink on mylar. 2022

Salima Hashmi, artist, activist,  educator and partition survivor wearing the glasses Chasme Badoor in Oxford.