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With the rapid pace of urbanization in South Asia, there is a critical need to improve not only the current inadequate water supply and sanitation services but also plan and meet future demand. As this demand increases at an accelerated pace, the issues to connect the supply and demand are being mired in various questions related to water availability, water quality, public health and hygiene, and cost-effective water provision and management.  urbanWASH is a recently launched initiative by ISAS designed to showcase various events and speakers focused on addressing the urgent need of urban water and sanitation issues in South Asia. UC Berkeley water specialist Prof. Isha Ray, is the lead faculty of this initiative. Read a report on safe water related cutting edge research work and projects going on at UC Berkeley HERE.

ISAS wins prestigious Obama-Singh Award for 2014

Cal team led by Cal water experts Isha Ray and Kara Nelson will collaborate with IIT-B's Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas on a 3-year project titled, "Sustainable Indian Water Infrastructure Project: A Systems Approach." 
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Some events that have already been organized under this initiative are:

Water Resources;

UC Berkeley Safe Water, Sanitation, & Urbanization Projects

Berkeley Water CenterBlum Center Water Initatives Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
and Water Purifiers
Berkeley-Stanford Cities

Information Centers on Water and India

India Water Portal

India Environmental Portal

Independent Research and Projects

California Water Environment

The Pacific Institute: Water and

Water Environment Federation

Sanitation and Water for All

American Water Works Association

IRC International Water and
Sanitation Centre

International Banks and their Water Initiatives

The World Bank & WaterThe World Bank
& Urban Development
The Asian Development
Bank & Water
The Asian Development Bank
& Urban Development

Professors at UC Berkeley working in Urban WASH

Lisa Alvarez-Cohen

John M. Colford

Jason Corburn

Ashok Gadgil

Slawomir Hermanowicz

Arpad Horvath

Matt Kondolf

Kara Nelson

Alison Post

John Radke

Isha Ray

David Sedlak

David Sunding

Sally Thompson

David Zilberman

Water Related Events' Calendar

Water Conferences

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