Bob Goldman awarded the World Sanskrit Award for 2017

Professor of Sanskrit, Robert P. Goldman has been honored with the World Sanskrit Award for 2017 by the ICCR for his work on Sanskrit language and literature and for the completion under his direction of the translation of the Sanskrit epic poem, the Rāmāyaṇa of Vālmīki. Read more here >>

Announcing Prof. Munis D. Faruqui as the new Director of the Institute!

The Institute for South Asia Studies is thrilled to announce the appointment of historian of medieval India, Prof. Munis D. Faruqui as the new Director of the Institute for South Asia Studies and Sarah Kailath Chair of Indian Studies.

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Prof. Pranab Bardhan on the right-wing populist challenge

In the Boston Review, Prof. Pranab Bardhan argues that the populist challenges to liberal order across the world cannot be explained just by anger with market-driven inequalities but also stems from larger majoritarian perception of siege and victimhood. To read the full article, click HERE>>>

A Profile on 2016-2017 Chowdhury Center Fellow on Quality of Life, Sayah Bogor

Our 2016 Subir and Malini Chowdhury Center Fellow on Quality of Life in Bangladesh was recently featured in UC Berkeley News for her astounding journey from refugee to health researcher at UC Berkeley. Read more HERE>>>

2012 Sarah Kailath speaker, Rohini Nilakani, elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Proud to share that our former Sarah Kailath Distinguished Speaker, Rohini Nilekani has been elected as Foreign Associate to the American Academies of the Arts and Sciences. This is a great honor and we wish her all success in her new role. Read more here >>

Prof. Pradeep Chhibber on the importance of inner party democracy in India

In The Hindu, Prof. Pradeep Chhibber and UCB alum, Harsh Shah, speak on the need to change the incentive structure in India's political parties and "give local politicians a larger stake in larger issues of the day". To read the full article click HERE >>

Prof. Munis Faruqui was recently quoted in the Times of India for his work on Mughals

In the Times of India, Prof. Munis Faruqui was interviewed about Dara's intellectual pursuits and flipped the narrative on Dara's image as "a secular, liberal prince...who might have avoided the beginnings of communal divide". To read the full article click HERE >>

The Subir Chowdhury School of Quality and Reliability at IIT-Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur is starting a school on Quality and Reliability (Q&R) a first of its kind in India, with the generous support of distinguished alumnus and Chowdhury Center founder, Mr. Subir Chowdhury.
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R.I.P. Prof. Bharati Mukherjee

The Institute mourns the passing of Prof. Bharati Mukherjee, Prof. Emerita in the Dept. of English. Prof. Mukherjee, whose many works examined the Indian American immigrant experience, was one of the pathbreaking Indian American writers in the US who paved the way for many others. All of us at the Institute extend our condolences to Prof. Mukherjee's family, students, and many dear friends.

The Chowdhury Center Distinguished Lecture for 2017

The Subir and Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies is thrilled to announce that Bangladeshi lawyer and human rights activist, Sara Hossain, will deliver the 2017 Chowdhury Center Distinguished Lecture on February 16, 2017.
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Establishment of the Bhattacharya India Fund

ISAS is thrilled to announce the establishment of a new fund, The Bhattacharya Fund on Contemporary India, that has been generously supported by Kimi and Shankar Bhattacharya!

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ISAS' Spring 2017 Aaj Kal

The latest issue of Aaj Kal, the monthly e-newsletter for the Institute for South Asia Studies, is out.

Information about our plans for Spring 2017 and happenings at the Institute can be found in this publication. Make sure to save the dates for our upcoming, exciting events!

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South Asia Related Spring 2017 Courses

It's the start of a new semester! ISAS has compiled a list of all South Asia Related Courses that are offered at UC Berkeley for the 2017 Spring Semester.

For the full list with times, CCN, and other enrollment information, please click HERE>>>

A 40-year long translation project of the Rāṃāyaṇa by UCB Sankritists comes to an end.

ISAS congratulates Professor Robert Goldman and Professor Sally Sutherland Goldman on their completion of the 40-year long project translating Vālmīki’s Rāṃāyaṇa into modern English. Read more HERE>>>

Kamala Harris, our first Sarah Kailath Memorial Lecturer is CA's new Democratic senator-elect.

ISAS congratulates Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris, and our inaugural Sarah Kailath Memorial Lecturer on "Women and Leadership," on her historic win as California's new Democratic senator-elect.

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ISAS' Newsletter, Khabar for 2016 is now online

The latest issue of Khabar, the annual newsletter for the Institute for South Asia Studies is out. Read it HERE.

Hard copies, if you need one for your personal collection, will be available in early December.

Report on UCB conference on "India under Modi" now available

We are happy to announce that the report on the India under Modi Conference that was organized by us last Spring on March 11-12, 2016 is now available for reading online HEREIf you prefer a hard copy then please feel free to drop by the Institute to pick up a copy.

ISAS leads social enterpreneurship seminar for Pakistani Fulbrighters

In April 2016, ISAS hosted a 4-day seminar on social entrepre-neurship for 130 Pakistani Fulbrighters who were returning to Pakistan after successfully finishing their program in various schools across the U.S. We were fortunate to have it coincide with the OPEN annual forum, where the students spent a whole day. See more here >>

Chowdhury Center Awardee wins Prestigious NSF Award

Our 2015 Subir and Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies Fellow on Quality of Life in Bangladesh, Yoshika Crider (Energy & Resource Group), is one of 2000 awardees (out of an application pool of 17,000) who has been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award for her groundbreaking work on safe water technologies for rural and low income Bangladesh.

Our 2016 Maharaj Kaul Lecturer on India's Law of Sedition

Lawrence Liang, our 5th Maharaj Kaul Lecturer, whose upcoming lecture, It's all about loving your Nation: Sedition and the surplus of Affection, is on March 16, delivered a speech at JNU Alternative Classroom on the topic Law of Sedition.

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