Academic YearBangla Rumassah Chohan (UC Berkeley); Sanskrit Alexandra Ciolac (UC Berkeley); Petra Lamberson (UC Berkeley); Urdu Britt Leake  (UC Berkeley), Sarah Merchant (UC Berkeley)

Summer: Urdu Rachel Hirsch (Harvard University)


Academic Year: Hindi: Britt Leake (UC Berkeley); Sanskrit: Alexandra Ciolac (UC Berkeley), Gideon Enz (UC Berkeley). Telugu: Anjali Kantharuban (UC Berkeley), Bhumi Purohit (UC Berkeley). Urdu: Andrew Kerr (UC San Diego)

SummerAssamese Derrika Hunt (UC Berkeley); Bengali Devin Choudhury (UC Berkeley), Patrick DeSutter (UC Berkeley); Hindi Shreya Kareti (UC Berkeley), Urdu Eliza Hollingsworth (UC Berkeley)


Academic Year: Bengali Patrick DeSutter (UC Berkeley); Hindi Sarah Manchanda (UC Berkeley), Gauthami Penakalapati (UC Berkeley); Panjabi Ravleen Kaur (UC Berkeley); Sanskrit Gideon Enz (UC Berkeley)

SummerAssamese Derrika Hunt (UC Berkeley); Bengali Devin Choudhury (UC Berkeley); Hindi Arianna Pemberton (UC Berkeley); Malayalam Brent Otto (UC Berkeley); Pashto Nicole Ferreira (UC Berkeley); Sanskrit Gideon Enz (UC Berkeley); Urdu Elizabeth Gobbo (UC Berkeley)

2018 AY Bengali Devin Choudhury (UC Berkeley), Patrick DeSutter (UC Berkeley)
Hindi Julia Nee (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Maxwell Brandstadt (UC Berkeley), Gideon Enz (UC Berkeley), Petra Lamberson (UC Berkeley)
Tamil Rabindra Willford (UC Berkeley)
Summer Bengali Devin Choudhury (UC Berkeley)
Hind Lauren Nippoldt (UC San Diego), Nicole Price (University of Kansas)
Malayalam Lisa Brooks (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Gideon Enz (UC Berkeley)
Tamil Keith Cantu (UC Santa Barbara)
 2017     AY    Hindi Tara Gonsalves (UC Berkeley), Sohini Pillai (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Max Brandstadt (UC Berkeley), Hannibal Taubes (UC Berkeley)
Tamil Ned Dostaler (UC Berkeley)
Urdu Rachael Hyland (UC Berkeley)
Summer Hindi Sarah Manchanda (UC Berkeley), Samuel Cushman (UC Santa Cruz)
Malayalam Brent Otto (UC Berkeley), Lisa Brooks (UC Berkeley)
Panjabi Nick Randhawa (UC Berkeley), Rishi Khalsa (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Jessica Merritt (Indiana University-Bloomington)
Tamil Ned Dostaler (UC Berkeley), Keith Cantu (UC Santa Barbara)
2016 AY Hindi Katherine Harloe (UC Berkeley)
Bengali Rachael Hyland (UC Berkeley)
Persian Nicole Ferreira (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Max Brandstadt (UC Berkeley), Khenpo Yeshi (UC Berkeley)
Tamil Sohini Pillai (UC Berkeley)
Summer Hindi Samuel​ Cushman  (UC Santa Cruz), Ralph Gustav​ Steinhardt (UC Berkeley), Sarah Schear (UC Berkeley)
Assamese Derrika Hunt  (UC Berkeley)
Bengali Rachael Hyland  (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Mauricio Najarro (UC Berkeley),  Jolisa Wilfong  (UC Berkeley)
Tamil Helena Reddington (McGill​)
2015 AY Hindi Rachael Hyland (UC Berkeley), Christopher Hyun (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Khenpo Yeshi (UC Berkeley)
I appreciate greatly that FLAS fellowship has been helping me to complete my M.A. program as its second-year recipient in Sanskrit language training. FLAS award not only provides the opportunity for me to acquire the necessary skill of Sanskrit language for my research in early Tibetan Dzogchen history, but it also frees up precious time for me to read, to research, and to attend related seminars on campus which I would not have able to do without its financial support. I am most grateful that FLAS has been the key to putting the first of my nomad village in Tibet to complete higher education.
Tamil Sarah Bakst (UC Berkeley), Erin Bennett (UC Berkeley), Ruvani Fonseca (UC Berkeley), 
Last summer, I attended an international conference to present the results of a study comparing the perception of a similar phonetic contrast in Hindi and Tamil by speakers of each of the two languages. My experience with the FLAS for Tamil certainly assisted me with the study. As I learned more about the language and gained more experience speaking it with native speakers, I began to have a deeper understanding of the phonological system. This gave me a much more of a context for understanding the results of the experiment than reading knowledge alone. Further, I hope to go to South India to do more Tamil research for my dissertation. Not only did studying Tamil help me develop this aspect of my dissertation, but it also gave me more confidence in carrying out out this research abroad.
Urdu Nicole Hemenway (UC Berkeley),  
Summer Bangla Rachael Hyland (UC Berkeley),
Hindi Erin Bennett (UC Berkeley),
Malayalam Lakshmi Eassey (UC Berkeley),
Persian Jonathan Peterson (Colorado)
Sanskrit David Bratt (UC Berkeley), Sahaj Patel (Columbia), Kellie Powell (UC Berkeley), Karl Schmid (Emory)
Tamil Allyson Czadowski (University of Illinois)
Telugu Harita Koya (NYU), 
2014  AY Hindi Padma Maitland (UC Berkeley), Ajay Pillarisetti (UC Berkeley), William Stafford (UC Berkeley), Elizabeth Thelen (UC Berkeley), Vania Wang (UC Berkeley)
Marathi Gregory Goulding (UC Berkeley), Hareem Khan (University of California-Santa Barbara), Aaron Young (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Meghan Howard (UC Berkeley)
Telugu Anisha Gade (UC Berkeley)
Urdu Inderjit Kaur (UC Berkeley)
Summer Hindi Joseph Albertson  (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Julia Corwin (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities), Carly Nichols (University of Arizona), Angela Oberg (Rutgers University), Shivani Sud (UC Berkeley), Lindsay Vogt (University of California-Santa Barbara
Sanskrit Eli Sharf (Brown University), Alexander Yiannopoulos (Kathmandu University)
Sinhala Ruvani Fonseka (UC Berkeley)
Tamil Jodi Shaw (Loyola Marymount University
Telugu Kristina Rogahn  (UC Berkeley):
Urdu Sarah Fasano (Connecticut College), Jaslina Paintal (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
2013 AY Hindi Padma Maitland (UC Berkeley), Maria Montano (UC Berkeley), William Stafford (UC Berkeley), Prithvi Trivedi (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Catherine Dalton (UC Berkeley)
Tamil Bharat Venkat (UC Berkeley)
Urdu Ali Hassan (UC Berkeley), Inderjit Kaur (UC Berkeley)
Summer Bangla Ashlee Andrews (Indiana University-Bloomington), Laura Tavolacci (UC Davis),  Rebecca Whittington (UC Berkeley)
Hindi Nidhi Anamkath (UC Berkeley), Sarah Carson (Dartmouth College), Padma Maitland (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Norielle Adricula  (UC Berkeley), Amanda Culp (Columbia University), Nicole Hemenway (UC Berkeley), Meghan Howard (UC Berkeley), Jonathan Peterson (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Tamil  Madeline Chera (Indiana University-Bloomington), Bharat Venkat (UC Berkeley)
Telugu Hannah Archambault (UC Berkeley)
2012 AY Bangla Ryan Damron (UC Berkeley)
Hindi Padma Chirumamilla (UC Berkeley), Padma Maitland (UC Berkeley), Cheryl Young (UC Berkeley)
Marathi Vivek Virani (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Catherine Dalton (UC Berkeley)
Tamil Maria Packman (UC Berkeley), Lalli Venkatakrishnan (UC Berkeley), Rebecca Whittington (UC Berkeley)
Urdu David Boyk (UC Berkeley), Emma Kalb (UC Berkeley)
Summer Bangla Kathrine Starkweather (University of Nebraska at Lincoln)
Hindi Padma Maitland  (UC Berkeley), Nurolhoda Bandeh-Ahmadi (UC Berkeley), Kenneth Bitner (University of Chicago), Cherish Bolton (University of California-Irvine), Kristin Franceoeur (Indiana University-Bloomington), Camille Frazier (Scripps College), Sagar Raju (Bridgewater Raritan High School), Tara Yarlagadda (Acalanes High School)
Marathi Vivek Virani (University of California-Los Angeles)
Sanskrit Kristina Anderson (Northwestern University), Vincent Burgess (University of Colorado at Boulder), Eric Gurevitch (Trinity High School New York City), Adam Krug (Naropa Institute), Aniel Mundra (University of Chicago)
Urdu Meredith Gloger (Harvard University), Katie Lazarowicz (Harvard University), Matthew Phillips (University of Chicago), Lioudmila Zaitseva (Harvard University)
2011 AY Hindi Padma Chirumamilla (UC Berkeley), Kashi Gomez (UC Berkeley), Emma Kalb (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Ryan Damron (UC Berkeley), Gregory Goulding (UC Berkeley), Ashwin Manthripragada (UC Berkeley)
Tamil Rebecca Whittington (UC Berkeley)
Urdu Hannah Archambault (UC Berkeley), Elizabeth Thelen (UC Berkeley)
Summer Bangla Rahul Parson (UC Berkeley), Laura Tavolacci (UC Davis), Rebecca Whittington (UC Berkeley)
Hindi Nishant Bagadia (UC Berkeley), Andre-Jacques Elias (University of Washington), Kristin Francoeur (University of Miami), Fredrick Hohlen (UC Berkeley), Adam Newman (University of Virginia), Sara Price (Oregon State University), Andrew Snyder (UC Berkeley)
Sanskrit Hillary Langberg (UC Berkeley), Jesca Scaevola (University of Missouri-Columbia)
Tamil Eleanor Power (Stanford University), Hannah Smith (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Urdu Nurolhoda Bandeh-Ahmadi (UC Berkeley), Emma Kalb (UC Berkeley), Jeffrey Roy (University of California-Los Angeles), Dustin Smith (Harvard University)