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Riding on a Sunbeam

Riding on a Sunbeam

  3 - 5 p.m.
  221 (Previously known as Kroeber Hall) Anthropology and Art Practice building

Mauktik Kulkarni
Lawrence Cohen

Join us for a screening of a unique travel film that explores the social, cultural and economic contradictions of modern-day India through the eyes of two unusual protagonists: An American girl, a UC Berkeley anthropologist, visiting India for the first time, and an Indian-American guy, a neuroscientist from Johns Hopkins, who is returning to India after an yearlong trip to 36 countries. While the film takes the viewer through several unexplored regions of India and captures its immense diversity of lifestyles and philosophies, it also underlines the importance of traveling/backpacking and how it can expand our minds.

Directed by Brahmanand Singh and edited by Irene Dhar Malik, both national award winners in India, 'Riding on a Sunbeam' explores the social, cultural, economic and religious contradictions of India in a thought-provoking, non-touristy way. It is available for streaming on YouTube in India, and on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon overseas.

Screening will be followed by a Q&A with the Co-producer/Main Actor
Mauktik Kulkarni

DATE: Fri, October 14
TIME: 3-5 pm
VENUE: The Gifford Room, 221 Anthropology & Art Practice Building (Previously known as Kroeber Hall)

This event will be live streamed on the Institute's FB page: ISASatUCBerkeley

Mauktik Kulkarni is a neuroscientist, backpacker, author, entrepreneur, public speaker and a film maker. While he is still passionate about technology and startups, things changed a bit when he stumbled upon the world of backpacking. After crisscrossing the world and hitting more than 50 countries, he has become a storyteller and tells tales of neuroscience, entrepreneurship, traveling, creative writing, film making and other adventures in life. Featured in several prominent media outlets, including the National Public Radio, All India Radio, BBC Marathi, National Geographic, LiveMint, Times of India, The Hindu, he has authored two books and routinely writes for various news organizations in English and Marathi. He has seen successes and failures in healthcare, e-commerce and media ventures, and often consults with start-ups and related organizations. Before becoming a storyteller, he got a bachelors in Electronics & Telecom Engineering from the Univ. of Pune, masters in Biophysics & Computational Biology from the Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and another masters in Neuroscience from the Johns Hopkins University.

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The event is FREE and OPEN to the public.