Mahesh Srinivasan
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley

Mahesh Srinivasan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and a member of the Cognitive Science Faculty at the University of California, Berkeley. He received his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Harvard University in 2011. On campus, Dr. Srinivasan directs the Language and Cognitive Development Laboratory (http://lcdlab.berkeley.edu), which uses empirical methods to explore how linguistic, cognitive, and social abilities arise and interact with one another during human development and across different cultures. Dr. Srinivasan’s work has been published in numerous journals, including Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, Cognition, and Developmental Science, and is supported by the National Science Foundation and the James S. McDonnell Foundation.

How representations of language and concepts arise and interact in human development and across cultures. Specific interests include flexible and pragmatic uses of language (e.g., polysemy, metaphor, implicature), the representation of abstract concepts (e.g., time, number), linguistic relativity, and social cognitive development in different cultural contexts.
Ph.D., Harvard University, 2011