The Khashu Award provides for one grant of $5000 for research travel to South Asia. Priority will be given to mid-career graduate students conducting research toward a Master's thesis or dissertation proposal. Graduate students at UC Berkeley and other University of California campuses will be given priority. For further details on the application procedure and deadlines, please click here.


2022 Anirudh Karnick (PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature and South Asia Studies, University of Pennsylvania)
Project:Like Tears Softening Pebbles: Tagore in the Making of Modern Hindi Poetry
2021 Devin Choudhury (PhD Candidate, Department of Rhetoric, UC Berkeley)
Project: Writing on the Land: Narrative, Agriculture, and Ecology in Bengal (Grant Report)
2020 Apala Das (PhD Candidate, Department of English, University of Toronto; Junior Fellow, Massey College)
Project: Modernist Askesis in the Works of Rabindranath Tagore