CSAS Working Papers Series

A cure for loneliness? Networks, trust, and shared services in Bangalore
CSAS Public Lecture delivered on April 24, 2009 by
Mark Holmström
Senior Lecturer (retd.), Social Anthropology
School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
(In Homi Katrak & Roger Strange (eds.) 2002. Small-scale enterprises in developing and
transitional economies, pp. 185-213. London: Palgrave.

First published in Economic & Political Weekly (Mumbai), xxxii, 35 (30 Aug. 1997),
review of Labour, pp. L11 L19.

Sikh and Muslim Understandings of Baba Farid
The 2008 Amrit Kaur Ahluwalia Memorial Lecture by
Christopher Shackle
Professor of Modern Languages of South Asia, School of Oriental and African Studies
Member, Center of South Asian Studies, University of London

Iqbal and His Asrar-i-Khudi
Liu Shuxiong
2008 CSAS Visiting Scholar
Professor of Urdu Language & Literature
Vice Dean, School of Foreign Languages, Peking University.