Covid-19: Reflections from South Asia

India's current Covid-19 Crisis: How to help (click for a list of orgs that are providing badly needed relief work)

COVID cellIn an effort to shed some light on the impact of the corona virus in South Asia, we have launched Covid Conversations: Reflections from South Asia, a new series of virtual programs. Featuring UC Berkeley faculty in conversation with scholars, public intellectuals, health care providers, business leaders, journalists, and others in South Asia, the goal of this program is to understand the impact of the crisis from many different perspectives. 



May 1, 2020

An Educational Institution's Challenge: Habib University in the time of Covid

A conversation between Prof. Munis D. Faruqui and the President of Habib University, President Wasif Rizvi


Munis Faruqui

Prof. Munis D. Faruqui
Sarah Kailath Chair of Indian Studies
Director, Institute for South Asia Studies
Associate Professor, Dept. of South & Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley

Wasif RizviMr. Wasif Rizvi
President, Habib University

May 3, 2020

Pakistani Politics in the time of Covid

A Conversation between Prof. Munis D. Faruqui and Journalist Mr. Hasan Zaidi


Hasan Zaidi Mr. Hasan Zaidi
Journalist & Editor of Magazines, Dawn

May 19, 2020

COVID at Home: Gender, Class and the Domestic Economy

A Conversation between Prof. Raka Ray and Sociologist Prof. Amita Baviskar

 Raka Ray

Prof. Raka Ray
Professor of Sociology and Dean of the Division of Social Sciences, UC Berkeley

Amita BaviskarProf. Amita Baviskar
Head of the Department of Environmental Studies, Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology & Anthropology, Ashoka University

May 21, 2020

Reporting on Coronavirus in India Today: Technology, Gender, Politics

A conversation between Prof. Abhishek Kaicker and global women's rights reporter for BuzzFeed News, Ms. Nishita Jha

Abhishek Kaicker

Prof. Abhishek Kaicker
Assistant Professor of History, UC Berkeley

Nishita JhaMs. Nishita Jha
Global Women's Rights Reporter, BuzzFeed News,

May 27, 2020

Vulnerable Populations and COVID-19: Bangladesh During a Global Pandemic

A conversation led by Dr. Sanchita Saxena with Medical Anthropologist Dr. Sabina Rashid, Political Scientist Prof. Ali Riaz, Development Sociologist Prof. Naomi Hossain, and Mabrur Ahmed and Rahima Begum of Restless Beings. 

Sanchita Saxena

Dr. Sanchita Saxena
Director, Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies, UC Berkeley

Sabina RashidProf. Sabina Rashid
Dean and Professor, School of Public Health, BRAC University, Bangladesh

Ali Riaz

Prof. Ali Riaz
Professor​ of Politics and Government, Illinois State University, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council 

Naomi Hossain

Prof. Naomi Hossain
Sr Professorial Lecturer, School of International Service, American University

Mabrur Ahmed

Mabrur Ahmed
Founder/Director, Restless Beings, UK

Rahima Begum

Rahima Begum
Founder/Co-Director, Restless Beings, UK