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The rapid spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 has sparked worldwide alarm and disruption. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this rapidly spreading outbreak a pandemic, and countries around the world are grappling with a surge in confirmed cases.

Although the scale of the pandemic in South Asia remains smaller compared to Western countries, it has nonetheless already caused extraordinary disruption to peoples’ lives—especially in poor communities—thanks to the passage of sweeping shelter-in-place ordinances and draconian attempts by the police to enforce them. Unfortunately, rates of infection may take a turn for the worse in coming weeks as millions of migrant workers head out of South Asia’s cities and back to their villages. According to the World Bank, as COVID-19 continues to spread, "it is triggering an economic fallout that will drive millions into poverty and further increase inequality."

In an effort to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape around Covid-19, the Institute for South Asia Studies has created several types of resources

  • Ways to help those in need
  • UC Berkeley faculty writings and campus resources, and 
  • Perspectives from South Asia. 

UC Berkeley faculty writings and campus resources

UC Berkeley's COVID-19 News and Response

Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19

Berkeley Public Health's
Coronavirus Site

Covid19 in California: Berkeley Journalism collaborates with The New York Times

Support the Innovative Genomics Institute COVID-19 Fund

Tips & Insights on Masks
& Facial Shields

COVID-19 Information and Support for UC Employees

UC Berkeley's
University Health Services


UC Berkeley Faculty & Scholar Writing

Blogs & Articles

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