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Institute for South Asia Studies

One of the world's leading institutes for research and programs on South Asia, the Institute for South Asia Studies (ISAS) at the University of California, Berkeley works with faculty members, graduate students, community members, private institutions, and non-profit organizations to deepen understanding of the region and to create new generations of scholars of South Asia.

The History of Art Department

The History of Art Department at the University of California at Berkeley is among the smallest of the top dozen art history programs in the country. They have 15 members of faculty, and -- with some variation from year to year -- about 50 graduate students, and 100 or so undergraduate majors. Over the last 30 years, however, the National Research Council (NRC) has consistently ranked this program among the top three. The department’s traditional strengths are in European and Asian Art; but they are currently expanding their coverage of the art of the Americas—to include Pre-Columbian and Latin American, as well as the full range of modern and contemporary American art.

Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive

The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is the visual arts center of the University of California, Berkeley. Through art and film programs, collections and research resources, we aspire to be locally connected and globally relevant, engaging audiences from the campus, community, and beyond. Our mission is to inspire the imagination and ignite critical dialogue through art and film.

The Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley

The Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley is a think tank for the arts, a genuinely interdisciplinary space that brings people together--from across the university and beyond the university, from across the arts and beyond the arts--for unexpected conversations, collaborations, and community-building.