Berreman-Yamanaka Fellowship Awardees

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The Berreman-Yamanaka Fellowship for Himalayan Studies provides for an annual award of up to $1500 to UC Berkeley graduate students for research on topics related to Himalayan Studies across Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan. For further details on the application procedure and deadlines, please click here.


  • Michael Coleman (Ph.D Student, Medical Anthropology, joint UC Berkeley - UCSF program):
    Encounter Between Science and Tibetan Buddhism Around Meditative Tukdam Deaths.
  • Caylee Hong (Ph.D Student, Anthropology, UC Berkeley):
    Infrastructures of Belonging along the Silk Road.
  • Michael Coleman (Ph.D Student, Medical Anthropology, joint UC Berkeley - UCSF program): For research in tantric Buddhist / Tibetan medical traditions focusing on tukdam (thugs dam), the Tibetan tradition in which advanced meditators die in meditative equipoise.
  • Caylee Hong (Ph.D Student, Anthropology, UC Berkeley): For doctoral research entitled, "Infrastructures of Belonging: Gilgit-Baltistan and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor."