Ahsan Kamal | Saving Sindhu - Stories of the death and defense of the Indus River

Ahsan Kamal | Saving Sindhu - Stories of the death and defense of the Indus River

  9 - 11 a.m.
   Zoom Event (Off Campus)
Ahsan Kamal, Isha Ray, Munis D. Faruqui

Many congratulations to Dr. Ahsan Kamal for his dissertation, Saving Sindhu: Indus Enclosure and River Defense in Pakistan (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2019).

Ideas of the death and defense of rivers spread globally at the turn to the 21st century as we became aware of the extent of human impact on nature. But how do these ideas take hold in some places along the same river and not others?

The usual explanation of river defense focus on single sites and the secular-scientific or spiritual-indigenous dimensions of human defense of nature.

In his Pirzada Lecture, Dr. Kamal takes a river-wide approach and focuses on three stories of riverine resistance from the Indus Valley to discuss the dynamics of the defense of the river. The lecture will look at how some activists build social movement infrastructure to counter the enclosure of the Indus River and why they fight to save the Sindhu darya.

DATE: Monday, April 12, 2021

TIME: 9 am Berkeley | 4 pm London | 9 pm Islamabad | 9:30 pm New Delhi | 10 pm Dhaka | Calculate Your Local Time


This event will also be live streamed on the Institute's FB page: ISASatUCBerkeley

The Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada Endowment on Pakistan, established by Rafat Pirzada and his wife, Amna Jaffer, and named after Rafat Pirzada’s father, Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada, supports i) the Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada Dissertation Prize on Pakistan (an annual dissertation prize for the best work in the humanities, social sciences, law, or public health on Pakistan, the region that is Pakistan, or things to do with Pakistan), and ii) the Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada Lecture on Pakistan (an annual lecture that spotlights the winner of the S.S. Pirzada Dissertation Prize). Rafat Pirzada is a Silicon Valley based entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

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