Abhijeet Paul
Lecturer: Bangla

Abhijeet Paul specializes in modern South Asian literature (Bengali, Hindi/Bhojpuri), culture, and ethics. He is preparing two monographs, one on technology, work, and ethics in South Asian literature and performance and the other on “political test” in the Bengali novels of Jibanananda Das. He is also translating Samaresh Basu's Jagaddal (1966), the selected Hindi/Bhojpuri works of the Bhikhari Thakur, Gopal Prasad, and Mohammed Israil. 

Address: 350B Dwinelle Hall
Labor, Marxism, Gender, Critical Theory, Globalization, Kolkata, Modern Bengal.
Ph.D. South and Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley (2015); Ph.D. English, University of Calcutta (2003)