By Vasundhara Sirnate, Ph.D Candidate and Chief Coordinator, Research, The Hindu Center for Politics & Public Policy

After the 2014 Lok Sabha elections in India, a right-wing Hindu political party came to power. Over the last few months, the new government has stridently tested the waters to see how far it can push its political ideology - Hindutva – an ideology that rests on combining a paternalistic Hindu discourse with some free market chest thumping combined with a fractured articulation of poverty, marginalization and the plight of minorities. The tests have come in little doses. First, ancient Indian culture has been constructed as more progressive than historians’ claims to the contrary. So evidence of a poor graft of an elephant’s head on the son of a god who accidentally lobbed it off, was seen as evidence of how India had invented plastic surgery. Read more here >>


Winner of the S.S. Pirzada Dissertation Prize in Pakistan Announced

The Pirzada Dissertation Prize Committee congratu-lates Dr. Amber H. Abbas (Asst. Professor, St. Joseph’s University) on receiving the first S.S. Pirzada Dissertation Prize in Pakistan Studies for her dissertation, Narratives of Belonging: Aligarh Muslim University and the Partitioning of South Asia, completed at UT-Austin under the supervision of Prof. Gail Minault. Read more here >>