Courses: Spring 2017


Introduction to the Civilization of Medieval and Modern India
 S ASIAN 1B     219 DWINELLE  TTh 1230-2 P Units: 4CCN: 22339  
Instructor: FARUQUI, M

READING AND COMPOSITION - India in the Writers Eye
S ASIAN R5B  87 Dwinelle  MWF 1-2P Units: 4CCN: 22342
Instructor: WHITTINGTON, R

READING AND COMPOSITION - India in the Writers Eye
S ASIAN R5B 246 DWINELLEMWF 3-4 PUnits: 4 CCN: 22343
Instructor: TOMKINS, C

READING AND COMPOSITION - India in the Writers Eye: Love and longing in the new Indian novel
S ASIAN R5B   87 DWINELLETTh 1230-2PUnits: 4 CCN: 22344
Instructor: PAUL, A

READING AND COMPOSITION - India in the Writers Eye: Intersectionalities of Rural and Urban India in 21st-Century Hindi Films
S ASIAN R5B235 DWINELLETTH 330-5PUnits: 4 CCN: 22345
Instructor: HYLAND, R

Introduction to Hinduism
S ASIAN 110370 DWINELLETTH 11-1230PUnits: 4 CCN: 31520
Instructor: PARAMASIVAN, V

India's Great Epics
S ASIAN C1422040 VLSBMWF 11-12PUnits: 4CCN: 32958
Instructor: GOLDMAN, R

Readings in Indian Buddhist Texts
S ASIAN C215288 DWINELLEW 3-6PUnits: 2-4CCN: 22346
Instructor: VON ROSPATT, A

Buddhism in Contemporary Society
S,SEASN C1452040 VLSBMWF 1-2PUnits: 4CCN: 32253
Instructor: VON ROSPATT, A

Seminar in South and Southeast Asian Studies
S,SEASN 250279 DWINELLEW 3-6P Units: 2-4CCN: 22417
Instructor: FARUQUI, M

Religions of Asian America
ASAMST 144151 BARROWSTTh 1230-2PUnits: 4CCN: 13058
Instructor: CHEN, C E

Special Topics - "China and India in the Age of Globalization"
ASIANST 150110 BARROWSTTh 2-330PUnits: 4CCN: 13119
Instructor: COHEN, C C

Intermediate Bengali
BANGLA 101B233 DWINELLEMWF 12-2PUnits: 5 CCN: 31317
Instructor: BASU, A

Buddhism in Contemporary Society
BUDDSTD C1282040 VLSBMWF 1-2P Units: 4 CCN: 13345
Instructor: VON ROSPATT, A

The Origins and Development of Buddhist Art in South Asia
BUDDSTD 15079 DWINELLETTh 2-330PUnits: 4 CCN: 13353

Readings in Indian Buddhist Texts
BUDDSTD C215288 DWINELLEW 3-6PUnits: 2-4CCN: 13361
Instructor: VON ROSPATT, A

Readings in Tibetan Buddhist Texts
BUDDSTD C224288 DWINELLETu 330-630PUnits: 2-4CCN: 13363
Instructor: DALTON, J

Buddhism in Contemporary Society
EA LANG C1282040 VLSBMWF 1-2PUnits: 4CCN: 14087
Instructor: VON ROSPATT, A

Introductory Hindi
HIN-URD 1B83 DWINELLEMTWTF 11-12PUnits: 5CCN: 15873
Instructor: SIRASAO, P

Introductory Urdu
HIN-URD 2B106 DWINELLEMTWTF 2-3PUnits: 5CCN: 15875
Instructor: BRUCE, G

Intermediate Hindi
HIN-URD 100B242 DWINELLEMWF 12-1PUnits: 4CCN: 15876
Instructor: SIRASAO, P

Readings in Modern Hindi
HIN-URD 101B233 DWINELLETTh 11-1230PUnits: 3 CCN: 15878
Instructor: JAIN, U R

Intermediate Urdu
HIN-URD 103B106 DWINELLEMWF 3-4PUnits: 4    CCN: 15879
Instructor: BRUCE, G

Advanced Urdu
HIN-URD 104B189 DWINELLEMWF 5-6PUnits: 3CCN: 15880
Instructor: BRUCE, G

Hindi Literature
HIN-URD 221211 DWINELLET 2-5PUnits: 4 CCN: 15881
Instructor: PARAMASIVAN, V

READING AND COMPOSITION: Gandhi and Friends: (Non)Violence and Politics in Modern South Asia
HISTORY R1B214 HAVILANDMWF 4-5PUnits: 4 CCN: 16008
Instructor: THELEN, E

Proseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Asia - Travels to the Lands of the Indians
HISTORY 103F2231 DwinelleT 4-6PUnits: 4CCN: 16141
Instructor: KAICKER, A

India: Modern South Asia
HISTORY 114B12 HAVILANDTTh 11-1230PUnits: 4CCN: 32104
Instructor: KAICKER, A

Advanced Studies in International and Area Studies - "China and India in the Age of Globalization"
IAS 150110 BARROWSTTh 2-330PUnits: 4CCN: 16394
Instructor: COHEN, C C

Special Topics in Regional Conflict - "Peace and Security in Contemporary South Asia"
PACS 1352 LECONTETTh 330-5PUnits: 3CCN: 20085
Instructor: ZOOK, D C

Introductory Punjabi
PUNJABI 1B233 DWINELLETTh 930-11AUnits: 5 CCN: 22116
Instructor: UBHI, U K

Intermediate Punjabi
PUNJABI 100B233 DWINELLETTh 8-930AUnits: 5 CCN: 22117
Instructor: UBHI, U K

Elementary Sanskrit
SANSKR 100B262 DWINELLEMWF 8-10AUnits: 5  CCN: 22479
Instructor: GOLDMAN, S J

Intermediate Sanskrit
SANSKR 101B204 DWINELLEMF 12-2PUnits: 5 CCN: 31490
Instructor: GOLDMAN, S J

Advanced Readings in Sanskrit Literature
SANSKR 200B346B DWINELLEMF 2-330PUnits: 4CCN: 22481
Instructor: GOLDMAN, R

Introductory Tamil
TAMIL 1B2030 VLSBTTh 11-1230PUnits: 5 CCN: 23650

Readings in Tamil
TAMIL 101B246 DWINELLETTh 2-330PUnits: 4 CCN: 23651

Seminar in Tamil Literature
TAMIL 210B211 DWINELLETh 2-5PUnits: 4CCN: 32357
Instructor: CLARE, J

Elemetary Telugu
TELUGU 1B2030 VLSBTTh 1230-2PUnits: 4 CCN: 23653

Intensive Readings in Tibetan
TIBETAN 110BTBDTBDUnits: 4 CCN: 34376
Instructor: RONIS, J M

Contemporary Tibetan
TIBETAN 115136 DWINELLETTh 11-1230PUnits: 4CCN: 23813
Instructor: RONIS, J M

Readings in Tibetan Buddhist Texts
TIBETAN C224288 DwinelleT 330-630PUnits: 4 CCN: 23814
Instructor: DALTON, J