Bhattacharya Graduate Fellows

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The Bhattacharya Graduate Fellowship provides support for graduate fellowships in the form of competitive grants of up to $1000 for research travel to South Asia (two will be awarded) and $500 for domestic conference travel or in-country library research (two will be awarded). For further details on the application procedure and deadlines, please click here.


2017ResearchBhumi Purohit (PhD candidate, Political Science, UC Berkeley)
Information and Political Polarization: Can Policy Data Reduce Ethnically and Religiously Polarizing Rhetoric in Indian Political Campaigns?
Anirvan Chowdhury (PhD candidate, Political Science, UC Berkeley)
Consolidating power after hegemons decline: evidence from West Bengal, India
ConferenceLisa Brooks (PhD candidate, South and Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley)
Fluid Bodies: Leeches in Classical Āyurvedic Medical Compendia and Practice
Shakthi Nataraj (PhD candidate, Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
A mother, a man, and an anthropologist
William F Stafford Jr (PhD candidate, Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
Value and the Distribution of Proximity: The Autorickshaw Meter and Regimes of Location