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A UC Berkeley conference on South Asian Art on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Baatcheet Around the Bay
Sunday, October 16, 2011

A collaborative program with the Asian Art Museum San Francisco, San Jose Museum of Art, Berkeley Art Museum, and Stanford University, designed to increase public understanding in the Bay Area about South Asian art and visual culture. Details about the event here.

Loosely based on the Japanese design-presentation model Pecha Kucha (pe-chak-cha) and short format TED talks, Baatcheet Around the Bay brings scholars, curators, students, visual and performance artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, and members of the Bay Area community together for a series of multimedia conversations over the course of one year. Each Baatcheet consists of several short (5-7 minute) presentations that can incorporate visual, audio, performative, and textual components. Each program shares the common goal of inciting dynamic, public conversations about art and visual culture of South Asia.

The focus for the Berkeley Baatcheet is to allow speakers the opportunity to examine the different ways in which art and visual culture, from both Pakistan and India, has been defined. For example, what are some compelling examples or new ways of thinking about art and visual culture from India or Pakistan? Speakers are encouraged to approach this broad topic from a range of perspectives, and to consider not only traditionally defined “fine arts” but also other aspects of


popular visual culture (e.g. films, billboards, ephemera), material culture (e.g. textiles and dress, functional objects, decorative arts), and performance.

Baatcheet differs from a traditional lecture series in that each presentation is short, fast-paced, potentially collaborative (amongst speakers), multi-media in format, and draws speakers from diverse fields and disciplines (both inside and outside of academia). The goal of Baatcheet is not only to provide an interdisciplinary forum for community members to share ideas and present scholarship, but also to encourage new audiences interested in South Asian art and visual culture.